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d_kitty [userpic]

Why hellos!

January 6th, 2012 (06:33 pm)

phycosis: bouncy

Does anyone watch this journal anymore? I shall post my insane-o stuffs if ye do.

d_kitty [userpic]

I founds me a puppy!

March 1st, 2011 (12:56 pm)

Uggh.. tonsils still uber swollen for no apparent reason, though I feel better.

I don't have much time to type much since I'm between classes but I found a dog yesterday outside of the school. Tonight will be spent putting fliers around to find her owner, but from the looks of her tattered collar and filthy coat I really have my doubts. She's a sweet heart though, and Dar is having a blast with his new buddy =) She's a catahoula leopard-dog mix of some sort and oh so cute =)

Pics to follow!!

d_kitty [userpic]

Guess what I ended up doing today??!!

November 19th, 2010 (01:51 am)
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phycosis: awake

Well, I suppose I will just tell you, as it is bizarre and completely random.... I painted rocks.

Yes. rocks. Rocks that I commandeered from my Arizona adventure. I painted them like those of the ancient cave art... but with my own bizarre style. Ahh the glory of paint and rocks! It was quite satisfying to actually be creative for once in a lifetime =3 I also attempted to fix one of my bracelet thingys and failed rather horribly. The result was beads everywhere.... and then ferrets hoarding said beads in various locations of my room. They took the pliers too, and so far I have not had the chance to reclaim them from the dark abyss that is the underside of my bed. I am somewhat terrified of what I might find. But I digress....

Feast your eye-brains on a rock! Collapse )

As you can tell... my dog has a strange fascination for licking rocks and concrete, among other various items including my cave-painting rock thing.

I have a rather large concrete statue of a gargoyle in my living room that is of special interest for him. I do not know what he finds so delightful, but he does adore licking such things for no apparent reason. That is partly why he is named Darwin, as he is the dumbest.. yet intelligent dog that ever graced this planet with his presence. Also, it is a bit of an odd coincidence that he was the the only one of his litter to survive, and of course the famous Mr. Charles Darwin's survival of the fittest theory had quite the influence. I simply adore names with muawesomeltiple meanings...

d_kitty [userpic]

Nothin' new in space

November 18th, 2010 (07:38 pm)

phycosis: tired
static: For' sure

Just checking to see how it looks with a dark background here. I fixed the movement a bit too.

I'll be working on more animations soon... they are all too fun to make

Any ideas of what I should animate next?

d_kitty [userpic]

Nanananana.... BAtttMAANnn!!

October 13th, 2010 (12:49 am)

phycosis: cheerful
static: Test Drive Remix

//crossposted to Devart//

Ahh.. I am in such a spiffy-bouncy mood because my favorite holiday is only a few weeks away and my entire lair of an abode is decked out for the spookish festivities! The latest plan (yes, it has been meticulously devised) is to frolic around the neighborhood clad in the latest caped fashion as nananana....Battmannnnn!! It will be fantastical, like a unicorn on a unicycle. I might even catch me some evildoers out to foil the joy of the undead holiday. It will be eventful in all senses of the word.

OK. So I have something I consider pretty damn awesome to share as a pre-Halloween trick-or-treat. It be my favorite song from "How to Train your Dragon". You know.. the one entitled "Test Drive" where Toothless and Hiccup fly together for the first time with an epic tunes and nearly fall to their doom?? Yeeeaahh I adore that song with every ounce of my being. Except for the rather jarring and cacophonous bit in the middle. it completely annihilated the empowering atmosphere that the rest of the song so well implements. Anyway, that bit has been edited and mixed at 320 kbps (schweeeet) with as decent perfection as I could manage. I am pleased enough to deem it worthy to share with whomever wishes to indulge :nod: and just in time for the release of the film!


So.. you got the treat, who's got me some tricks??

ok...bring. it. on! -braces for impact-

d_kitty [userpic]

Ok, this is just cool..

September 20th, 2010 (09:10 pm)

phycosis: amused

Terry Pratchett creates a sword with meteorites

d_kitty [userpic]

Ultimate Beer Pong

August 30th, 2010 (11:16 pm)

phycosis: amused

I am impressed XD

d_kitty [userpic]

Hyperbole and a Half

August 20th, 2010 (11:26 pm)

phycosis: accomplished


It will make you bleed cyanide and happiness.

d_kitty [userpic]

(no subject)

August 13th, 2010 (02:56 pm)

phycosis: numb

A friend of mine died in an accident yesterday. He sat next to me in class last year, and we would always talk and joke. He was a great guy, and I considered him one of my few friends here.

I've just don't feel like doing much of anything, but moping around the house isn't going to make it better. Things like this make you realize your own mortality and it is a scary thought. Maybe I will go out for awhile to get my mind off of it.

RIP Ben, you will be missed.

d_kitty [userpic]

(no subject)

August 12th, 2010 (02:03 am)

phycosis: accomplished

I dyed my hair blue and got an eyebrow piercing today. Yes. I. Did.Collapse )

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